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Start motor, belt pulley of the motor drives the belt and bearing of rice machine to rotate. Paddy in feeder will be carried to inner rice milling box by rotated bearing

Bearings for iron and steel works operate under a variety of harsh conditions, including high temperatures, high speed or super low speed operation, as well as environments contaminated with water and debris

The latest cage design features and special surface treatments is used as these bearings use the most advanced materials. Bearing load capacity has been greatly increased and their life expectancy has extended

Bearings are widely used in the revolving parts of motors. As well as enabling smooth and quiet rotation, they also perform a most important function by taking on the motor's load

The bearings that are used in the dryer rolls of papermaking machines operate in hot environments because high temperature steam is passed through the rolls. Bearings are used in all sections of modern papermaking machines

The food processing machinery that produce food products must be safe and sanitary.One feature of these machines is that many of them are custom-made to bring out the particular qualities of a food manufacturer's products

The development of high-speed, high-precision diagnostic equipment is moving forward, and high-speed and high-precision performance and ease of maintenance are required for the bearings and linear motion products used in such devices

The company supplies many types of bearings that offer long operating life, high load capacity and high reliability. The goal is low energy consumption for an environmentally friendly approach and low maintenance costs

In the material handling business, it really is about moving large amounts of goods effectively with profitability.We offer a full line product offering of bearings for the conveyor, food & beverage wash down, and elevator sub-markets

The harsh environments in which crushers operate present a big challenge to bearing performance and present a constant threat to long, reliable equipment life.Jaw crushers typically use spherical roller bearings

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